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We’re with you NZ – Autumn at home

Who would have believed – if told a few months back – that we’d all be spending Autumn at home.  In bubbles.

How the world can change so quickly.

While we are still unsure when – and how – this will end, we know that by staying home, staying safe and looking after each other, we have the best chance of beating this.

While I’m at home, I’m enjoying the fact that the weekend before Christmas – after all customer installs were completed – I put SkyLouvres up at my home.  I was like the builder who never finishes his own job was always left until last.

Now we are using them every day – it’s a vital extra living space for our bubble.

But as Autumn comes around – and leaves start to fall – there is a little maintenance to be done.  And as we’re all at home, it’s the perfect time to do it.

Make sure all gutters and downpipes of your SkyLouvres are cleaned so that they’re free from leaves and other debris (the same needs to be done around the house too!).  Rain sensors on your SkyLouvres should also be cleaned as pollen and dust can build up on the lens.  Without this pre-winter check downpipes and gutters could become clogged and, as winter hits, could overflow. 

As winter starts to bite and we get the first frost, remember to wait until any frost has thawed before opening your louvres as frost can cause the louvre fins to stick together and opening may cause damage.  And if it snows, open your louvres.  If snow has already settled on your louvres wait until it clears before opening.

While our factory isn’t operational at this time, we’re still here if you have any questions about our products.  You can call us on 0800 664 083 or email and I’ll get right back to you. 

We know this isn’t easy New Zealand.  J&C has been around for 150 years so, as a company, we’ve seen tough times and come out the other side.  We know we can do it again.

So from J&C to you – stay strong NZ. 


James Adair

Managing Director