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Merry Christmas from Riverside and J&C

What a year for J&C and the revitalisation of Christchurch. To say we’ve been delighted to be a part of the revival of our home city would be an understatement. Forward thinking developments have created amazing spaces in the city’s CBD and are quickly regenerating the heart of the garden city.

As we come into the silly season it’s great to see people enjoying some of the work we have done along with the hard work of those behind the newest bars and eateries in town, such as the Riverside Market.

If you haven’t been to Riverside I would strongly recommend you go check it out and support the amazing local businesses there. In total the J&C team has been involved in seven different projects at Riverside. SkyLouvres and motorised Calido screens for Kaiser Brew Garden, Calido Zip Screen for Dimitris and a bespoke awning for Ramen Ria – just to name a few.  And there’s more to come soon!  It’s really exciting to create different shade solutions for every space – including yours at home.

To see photos of some of the J&C magic at Riverside check out our Facebook page here:

J&C has been creating shade for Kiwis right here in NZ since 1866. We’re committed to making Kiwis’ outdoor living more enjoyable and transforming homes and outdoor spaces for the better.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Johnson & Couzins – we’re looking forward to an exciting and enjoyable 2020. 


James Adair
Managing Director