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A world first, exclusive hotel gets the J&C touch!

The team at Johnson & Couzins are a pretty innovative bunch – but this latest job required its fair share of problem solving!

Johnson & Couzins was contacted by Flight Timbers, a Blenheim company who supply kitset buildings to resorts in the Maldives. They needed a unique privacy solution that could be broken down into a container to be sent to the remote Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Musaka suite.

Now this is an island resort like no other – in fact some call it paradise on earth! As Johnsons & Couzins’ James Adair says, it’s a job they couldn’t turn down!

“The Conrad Maldives resort needed shade screens that could partition the butler’s quarters from the guests as well as screens for the reception area. The product had to be able to withstand harsh elements – particularly the impact of sea salt – and had to be able to be broken down for shipping the 11-thousand kilometres required,” says James.

The resulting custom manufactured Aluminium Shade Screens were made in Johnson & Couzins’ Christchurch factory and have now been installed at the luxury suite, which is accessible only by boat or boardwalk. As well as featuring Johnson & Couzins screens, the suite also includes an underwater bedroom, lounge, ensuite and wardrobe!

“We’re really proud to have been part of this world-first underwater hotel room, where a night will set you back $50,000US. The end result looks amazing – we just need to come up with a way to get whole team there on a field trip… to see the screens up close, for professional development reasons obviously! “