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Thanks NZ for supporting Kiwi-made!

There’s no doubt this is a challenging time to be in business but it’s also a time that’s made us feel pretty special – and we want to say thanks New Zealand!

It would be fair to say just a few months back we were predicting a pretty glum 2020.  We really weren’t sure what the post-lockdown business world would look like and we were just focusing on doing our bit – staying home and supporting our J&C team (along with our team of 5 million).

But once we moved to level three the phones started ringing again and they haven’t stopped.  In fact, we’ve had a 27% increase in enquiries over the last three months than over the same period last year.

The economists saw it coming.  Tony Alexander’s Spending Survey found after domestic travel, home renovations would be the next largest area of spending growth for Kiwis.  And it appears after months of looking at our backyards – and having any travel plans canned – we are wanting to invest in our homes and outdoor living is where it’s at!

But what has made us so proud to be Kiwi is the reason people are choosing J&C over some of the other outfits around.  And why?  It’s because we’re local.  All our products are designed and made either in our Christchurch or Auckland factories, using locally made components wherever we can.   

And we’re 100% Kiwi owned by my Dad (Bill), my brother (Tim) and I.  We all work in the business and are so proud to be at the helm of one of New Zealand’s oldest companies (J&C has been around since 1866).

So thanks New Zealand for digging deep into that Kiwi-DNA and investing in your homes and your outdoor living – and when doing so thanks for making the conscious choice to buy NZ-made. 

Please know it makes a difference.


James Adair
Managing Director