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From idea to reality – the J&C design process

From booking to job completion, each J&C design is driven by our customers.

"When I first meet a customer, I ask them what their dream area looks like and how they'll use it. It’s my job to make that dream a reality,” says J&C Customer Consultant Mark Pitts.

While every home is different, Mark says J&C’s design process stays the same.

“The customer’s vision for their outdoor space will guide our recommendations, whether it’s a SkyLouvre for both sun and rain protection or an awning for shade. We work with the customer to help them understand the look, feel and functionality of our recommended products, and work together to decide what will work best for their home and lifestyle.”

Elements such as the size of the area, foundations, existing landscaping, and orientation to the sun and any prevailing weather must be considered, as well as the colour scheme – as any J&C install must match the customer’s home and style.

"I'm a visual person so I like to carry samples. I show customers what a cross-section of a SkyLouvre is like and help them understand the position and height of any proposed SkyLouvre or J&C product. I always bring my iPad for customers to flick through our photo gallery of installations as it can often spark new ideas of elements they hadn't realised were possible.

"Our designs have included everything from vista screens, LED lighting and heating options to glass and shutters and even plumbing into existing stormwater when available - which is all organised through J&C to make the installation process as seamless as possible for the customer.” 

Before the end of each customer consultation, Mark takes final measurements and notes any specific engineering requirements that need to be considered in J&C’s detailed design.

"I also walk customers through the sketch designs, so they have a solid understanding of what the end result will look like and how each product will be used. My philosophy is to treat each house as if it was my own, ensuring that each design will not just look outstanding, but that it will be functional as well.”

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